Sunday, August 3, 2014

Reykjavik Personal Thermal Plunge Advice

If you find yourself desiring a plunge into the icy lagoon waters that surround Reykjavik, then Nautholsvik Geothermal beach is the place for you.

Equipped with an outdoor geothermal bath, views of the small houses that populate the coast, a steam room, and the ocean water of the lagoon itself, this is a bathing experience that shows the essence of the people of Iceland.

Free admittance in the summer and a small charge of 500 ISK (just over $4) in the winter and spring makes this a very affordable plunge into the healing watersboth cooling and warming.

It is common to see groups of local men and women jump into the frigid waters of the lagoon (temperatures are around 12°- 13°C in the summer and the average temperature is 4°- 6°C in the winter) and swim for 15-20 minutes. For none but the hearty is this recommended, as the ocean waters of Iceland make Maines water look temperate. These locals swear that they are the healthiest people on earth because of their daily, icy dip followed by the relaxing and mineral-rich, warmth of the geothermal pools.

You can take public transport to Nautholsvik Geothermal beach, but I would suggest that the walking path along the ocean is the better way to reach your destination if you do not mind a one to two hour stretch of the legs. Make your way towards the Vikin Maritime Museum but continue straight on away from the marina and you will soon hit the walking and biking path that runs parallel to the water.

For those seeking the magic blue thermal waters, don't miss the iconic, but pricier (35-40 Euro) Blue Lagoon, a bus ride away from downtown Reykjavik.

Guest blog post by Kit Norton

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