Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Earth Guide Calendars with Full-color Photos

New, just in time for the holidays!
Now you can explore the Green Earth Guide sites from your own home with full-color photo calendars—companions to the award-winning Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally Guidebook series.
Six different calendars are available:
(see calendar cover photos at left)
Vermont Organic
To conveniently order online see the Google Checkout box on the right side of the blog. Calendars are $ 14.95 each plus $ 5.00 s/h. If you are ordering multiple calendars, the shipping costs are $5.00 up to three calendars. Over 3, please add an additional $1.50 per calendar.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

COMING Next Week! Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in Switzerland

The newest in the Green Earth Guide series will be published within the week! Buy it early and often!

Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in Switzerland is written for the twenty-first-century traveler with a conscience. The Swiss Guide is the third in the award-winning Green Earth Guides series to Western Europe.

As in the Green Earth Guides to France and Spain, author Dorian Yates covers where to eat, sleep, shop, relax, do yoga, and sightsee in Switzerland with a focus on local and organic foods, public transport, low-carbon recreation, alternative health services, organic vineyards, and ecological businesses. Written in a friendly, accessible style with personal anecdotes, how-to travel tips, and practical information, Yates helps travelers leave a small footprint wherever they venture in Switzerland.

Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in Switzerland is available in print and Kindle editions.

Green Earth Guides also offer information about traveling green in general and covers how to offset the carbon emissions of your transatlantic flight. Green Earth Guide has informational maps and includes black and white photographs of some of Switzerland’s green highlights.

If you are conflicted about the greenhouse effect of your flight, prefer herbs and vitamins to pharmaceutical drugs, would rather eat local and organic foods, want to practice yoga on your trip, and hope to find cheap bicycle rentals, this is the guidebook for you. 

Fans of the Green Earth Travel Guides include:

Winner Best Guidebooks—Treehugger Best of Green Awards 2010

Nell Newman, President of Newman’s Own Organic, “Green Earth Guide is a must-have for food lovers and supporters of organic agriculture.”

Van Jones, author of The Green Economy, “... Green Earth Guide is full of invaluable resources about how to travel on any budget with an eco-conscience....”

The Carbon Fund says, “If you have an appetite for travel, a modest budget, and a carbon-conscious heart—look no further. Green Earth Guide .......is your perfect travel companion.”

Other books in the Green Earth Guide series:
Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in France
Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in Spain

by Dorian Yates • ISBN-13: 978-1-45632-363-9
• Price: $15.95 • Pages: 220 pages, paperback, 6x9
AND Kindle Edition
• Pub Date: November 22, 2010