Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spanish Dresses!

Where I live in New England there are few stores that sell party or evening dresses, and those that do range from boring and conservative to what the 16 to 26 crowd would wear, which is virtually nothing. In Manhattan, where I love to wander and window shop, my usual response to the dresses in window displays is “who would ever wear that?” Admittedly, I am no dress hound.

That said I am quite taken with the spectacular dresses in Spanish store windows. They range from a little absurd to fantastic, and all have great flare. Many are designed for traditional dancing, festivals or holidays, which the Spanish celebrate with great enthusiasm. Some are formal or wedding attire. And most, if not all, are crafted in Spain. I must say that my usual response walking past these windows is “wow!” and imagining younger and slimmer days when I might have been able to try on these works of art.

Alas, all I can do is admire.

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