Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great WiFi spots in Valencia's Old City and... a record store

Internet access is a big deal for me when I travel. I just feel cramped if I don't have a comfortable place to write and email. There are "Locutorios" aplenty throughout Spain but many of these I find are not that comfortable, but fine in a pinch, where you are in a crowded place packed with computers and stations. What I look for are the places I can sit for an hour or more and feel relaxed... and the ones below you could sit in happily for hours.

One of the nicest places to go in Valencia if you do NOT have your own computer is The Laundry Stop – a cool little spot in the heart of the hip and funky Barrio del Carmen. You can do laundry here or simply do the internet. What a GREAT idea - unfortunately I am not in need of a laundromat right now, but I wish ALL laundromats had Wifi! Coin operated computers are self-service and for every 50 cents-euros you get 20 minutes of cyber time. The Laundry Stop, c/ Baja 17, (or Baix on the street sign), 46003 Valencia, off of calles Quart and Caballeros, open every day from 9:30 am to 10:00pm;

If you do have a laptop, the super nice places are the Rivendel Café where you can use their computers or your own. If you are using your own you need to ask for the password at the counter. You just need to buy drink or food (they make fresh squeezed zumo de naranja (orange juice) here!) This is an awesome place if you have a laptop because they have shaded outdoor seating which is lovely right by the old 16th century hospital, and gardens now converted into a public library. If you are using their computer you pay for time. Rivendel, c/ Hospital 18, Valencia. Open from lunch through the evening. For listings of their free music on Friday nights see:

Q-Art is a funky bar and restaurant in the shadows of the Torres de Quart (Quart Tower), one of the few remnants of the old walled city. Q-Art has marble-topped tables and a relaxed atmosphere – open Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:30 am. Here for a drink and/or food you can use their free wifi if you have your own computer. You need to ask for the password at the bar. Q-Art, C/ Guillem De Castro 78, 46001 Valencia; 963 916 115

Cava del Negret, c/ Calatrava 15, Valencia has indoor and outdoor seating and is open from 12:00pm to 1:30 am every day with wifi if you have your own computer, at Plaza Negrito (off of c/ Caballeros).

If you do NOT have your own computer you can go to CyberPhone open everyday from 9:30 am to Midnight. CyberPhone, Carrer del Manyans, 3 bajo 46001 Valencia. At CyberPhone you can use the computers for Internet, make calls, make photocopies, fax and more.

Right next door is a great store - nothing to do with wifi - I digress here - Devil Records, selling new and used rock and punk albums (cd and vinyl) as well as refurbished portable record players! – a flash from my childhood. Man, I loved my little record player. My parents fashioned my pink and white record player on some drawer runners so it would slide and hide into the cabinet in my small bedroom, but I could pull it out and listen to Diana Ross and the Supremes, the Monkees, and the Beatles whenever I wanted. Those were the days! Devil Records, c/ El Manyans 5, 46001 Valencia,; open 11am to 2pm/5-8:30 Monday to Saturday.

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