Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Few Days into Spain

A Magnificent day, with the clearest blue sky and even frost on the windshield. We drove a few kilometers to Torroella de Montgri for the weekly market laced through the narrow streets of the old center of town. I found two little health food stores each with their own specialties, and a charcuterie with local, gourmet items including sea salt from the Spanish island of Ibiza, and sheep milk yogurt. A bakery selling fair trade (comercio justo) food items and delectable fresh bread (full of gluten – not for me), were on the main avenue. The market had a plaza full of food vendors and one in particular was busy with customers – and the older woman whose stand it was clearly had the most beautiful produce. I purchased an enormous bag of chard greens for .86 cents.
After the market, we walked on the beach for about two miles past Les Illes Medes, rocky islands just off the shore of L’Etartit, that are protected underwater nature reserves, and are full of divers and snorkelers in the summer months.
After lunch, we hopped on our high-handled touring bikes and rode into our little village for some agua con gas con limon (fizzy water with lemon)while we checked our email at the wifi bar. Then onto the little local shops for our dinner—at the charcuterie we marveled as the butcher masterfully cut up rabbit and chicken for the customer ahead of us, but we opted only for some sheep cheese, local eggs and butter.

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