Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Food Stores in St. Gallen Switzerland

The city of St. Gallen in the northeast corner of Switzerland, east of Zurich is a delightful small city. It has much to offer including interesting museums and wonderful hiking trails in and all around the city. It also has a bustling old center lined with cobblestone streets that are for pedestrians only.

St. Gallen has some wonderful health food stores all conveniently located in and near the old area. One block from the train station you can find the bright, airy Yardo, filled with a variety of foods from produce, meats, dairy, dry goods and personal care. They also have a salad bar café for lunch. Muller Reformhaus, a chain of stores in northern Switzerland, has two locations in St. Gallen, one a few blocks from the train station and the other in the heart of the old city. These stores are smaller than Yardo but also have a good selection especially the store on Spisergasse in the old city. Stadtladen is a gem tucked into a side street across from the Marketplatz, also filled with everything you could need. If you are in need of gluten-free (glutenfrei in German), Yardo and Muller have the best selections.

Some of my favorite items in these stores are the creamy organic sheep yogurt and the dried salmon jerky (great for travel food). You can also find a full range of natural cosmetics and body care products and some unusual organic Swiss wines.

For more information about the stores and a map of locations see the Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in Switzerland: St. Gallen Health Foods Stores Map at the Traveling Naturally Web site.

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