Monday, October 19, 2009

Segway Touring in Spain

Segways, the brain child of New Hampshire’s Dean Kamen, are two-wheeled, electric vehicles that you steer and maneuver with your body’s weight and balance. With three-speeds, the Segway can go a maximum of 10-12 miles an hour, making it quite ideal for city touring.  Segways have been adopted in many European cities as a clean, energy efficient and fun touring option. Some companies merely rent the Segways, others offer tour groups with all participants riding Segways. Most rental and touring companies require users to partake in a 15-30 minute Segway training prior to use.

Please check each Web site for specifics as they vary per company. Most have a weight range of 100-220 pounds per person and some ask riders to be at least 15-18 years of age. Duration of tour or rental and price vary as well from one to three hours and from 35 to 60 Euros. Some companies will offer special theme tours outside of the cities like in natural parks and vineyard touring.

Segway Renting and Tour Companies in Spain include the following:

Madrid, Leon, Oviedo and Santander:
and Bicycle and Segway rentals:
Valencia & Castellon:
and Bicycle and Segway rentals & tours in Valencia:

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Nins said...

Julia Dimon has an awesome video on doing a Segway tour in Madrid; check it out!