Friday, January 25, 2008

A little more Avignon

The cumulative travel effects hit me Thursday and I was tired all day, but that did not curtail my expeditions. I went to the daily morning covered Les Halles market which has one Bio stall crammed with an assortment of local and organic products. I found two more tiny health food stores and walked to the larger Biocoop (5 Rte de Lyon)which is beyond the old city gate by the university. This was a full-on health food store with everything you could want.
I had a picnic lunch in the Place de Pie which is full of cafés, but I sat on a cement stump and ate my sans-gluten bread with bio goat cheese and bio smoked salmon (smoked with Roses) one of the most incredible taste sensations I have ever had. I have noticed a lot of organic salmon here – far more than on the east coast of the United States. The stores here all close at lunch for nourishment and rest – the only things open are the cafes and restaurants. So after my lunch I made like a French-person and had a lie-down back at the hotel.
The sun had warmed things up so once rested I went out to the Palais des Papes – Avignon’s largest tourist attraction – an impressive fortress dating from when the Pope fled Italy and took up residence here in the 14th century. This was followed by a walk through the adjacent park – the highest spot in Avignon – and down to a café for a decaf espresso.
I stopped by Vincent’s for another delicious Italian bio orange and a bit more Avignon history. I saw the old synagogue where the Jews being persecuted in France were offered protection by the pope – there’s a story (see Parting Thoughts 2/1/08 post). Then I ended up walking what seemed like miles to the last health food store I would try to conquer in Avignon– Eco de la Terre – another full-service health food store.

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