Saturday, December 1, 2007

Awesome Gear

Osprey Back Packs

Osprey makes a full line of backpacks. Each style comes in 2-3 different sizes based on torso length and gender, so these packs are especially comfortable for women since you can buy one that actually fits your body!

Trying out a range of backpack brands, Osprey was the only one that made me "ooh and aah" when I put it on - not the usual response for a backpack. It felt like it was custom built for my body.

Osprey's brand new line of day-packs, the Resource Series, are constructed using fabric made from recycled PET bottles from all those water and soda bottles that get tossed. The fabric produced is durable, lightweight and feels just like the nylon used in Osprey's other packs.

Check out all the different Osprey packs at:

You can purchase Osprey's Recycled ReSource Day-Packs and the Women's Aura 35 Backpack at the Traveling Naturally website - - under the Great Gear section.

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